I'm Mette Egebæk

I´m a Danish artist dedicated to
exploring the intricate dance between light and
darkness within our souls.

My work primarily utilizes
acrylic paint, a medium that complements my
passionate and impatient nature.

Over the years, I
have embraced a style that reflects both my
rebellious spirit and the beautiful, bizarre aspects of
existence. My goal is to mirror the inner worlds of
those who view my art, helping them to see and
accept all parts of themselves, including the shadowy

I believe in the importance of raising awareness and
self-consciousness through art. By inviting people to
confront their inner darkness with humor and
acceptance, I aim to foster greater self-insight and
empathy. This heightened awareness is crucial for
addressing broader social, economic, environmental,
and political challenges



Through the years, It has taken time, numerous realizations, and work on insight, self-understanding, and, of course, techniques and plenty of mistakes to reach my current expression.

The most important thing for me is to express all my facets - humor, magic, the shadows, and naturally, the joy of life. I have arrived at a more honest expression and a greater embrace of my whole self. I am fascinated by showcasing all the colors and stories we hold. The bravest thing in the world is to be vulnerable.

Selected Exhibitions 2021 - 2024

  • Most Unique Art Gallery, Warzaw, Poland
  • Luxury Home & Design Expo, Aalborg, DK – Nov. 2024
  • Gallery Baand – Permanent exhibition, DK 2024
  • Macabre Gallery, London, UK - February 2024
  • Aalborg in Colors - March 2024, DK
  • Gallery Clausen – Aalborg 2024, DK
  • Art in Blokhus art Fair - February 2024, DK
  • Gallery Tronsmark - Easter to Fall 2023, DK
  • Børglum Abbey – Art fair 2023, DK
  • Gallery Tornby – Bindslev, DK
  • Gallery Grevelsgaard – Allingåbro 2023, DK
  • Gallery Blæst/for the joy of art – Solo exhibition 2023
  • Kunst i Hasseris – Art fair, 2022, DK
  • Art Nordic - Lokomotivværkstedet, Copenhagen - 2022 Great ART – Art fair - Ridehuset, Aarhus - 2021
  • New York - Live concert with Margin Alexander (he composed a melody for my painting.